i drew this for the ugly sweater meme

glados will have a good christmas in her cozy ugly sweater u///u

merry christmas and happy holidays! i haven’t had the time to draw anything in the past few weeks so i’m reblogging this old thing instead. i hope everyone has a great day c:

closing the store for a little while because i won’t be able to print anything, but hopefully i’ll have a few more things to put up when i open it up again!

i’ve been distracted the past few days so have a little monster dolphin i drew

i’m really bad at keeping up at one sketch a day type stuff but i’ve been drawing more often since i’ve been sitting at my desk, so maybe i could do one draw a week or something. three drawings a week? i don’t know. decisions.

i need to find some good sketch memes though. i had a few saved but i think i deleted them when i cleared my bookmarks out…

dragon type or fairy type, which do you choose? i can’t choose either because i don’t have a 3DS so i’m living vicariously through everyone else and drawing these things.

you can find stickers and prints for preorder at my store

i have a few more ideas for stickers right now but i can’t decide whether to do portal or more pokemon… hmm…